About us

NNL's mission is to create, improve, and implement the most efficient logistics solutions.

NNL's vision is a modern, socially responsible European logistics leader that ensures the welfare of its employees and partners.

The company's strength and guaranteed activity builds on the experience of highly-qualified employees and information technology solutions that are meticulously integrated and adjusted to meet the individual needs of every client. The company's clients and partners are always guaranteed the top-notch service.

On a yearly basis, NNL UAB handles up to 200 000 picking and transportation orders, transports 30 million kilograms of frozen foods, up to 8 million kilograms of chilled foods, and up to 1 million kilograms of fish on ice.

Thanks to its dedicated work, the company has gained a foothold in the market and is constantly expanding its reach to become the logistics leader not only on the Lithuanian but also on the European frozen and chilled foods market.


Ensuring service quality

The core of NNL's business is to provide its clients and partners the top quality specialised and economically viable temperature-controlled logistics services.

This is ensured by:

  • a highly-qualified and experienced team;
  • effective, bespoke IT solutions that live up to every client's expectations;
  • automatised transportation and order management processes;
  • the company's stable and exclusive position in the temperature-controlled logistics market;
  • 3 000 square metres of warehouse area;
  • a complete and efficiently-used fleet of vehicles;

At NNL UAB all the processes are driven by the company's values: new ideas, initiative, responsibility, order, positivity, and honesty.

Our team

The greatest value that NNL prides on and attributes its good results to is a qualified, honest, constantly-growing, and developing team. Today the company employs nearly 150 people: warehouse operators, pickers, loaders, drivers, specialists who ensure development and maintenance of computer systems, etc. All the company's employees are motivated not only to responsibly carry out their immediate functions but also to engage through personal input in the common goal of promoting the brand's recognition as a company that meets all client's desires and expectations.


In turn, NNL UAB, is committed to sustaining its reputation as a modern and socially responsible company and is therefore ever mindful of its clients' welfare. It is our goal to ensure that all of our employees are satisfied with their working conditions, competent to use the programs available, and feeling part of a smoothly operating team. Such heedfulness yields considerable rewards as our qualified and experienced NNL employees are always ready to take care of the logistics services of any scope and any direction to ensure their effectiveness, efficiency, and quality across the entire Lithuanian territory.

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