NNL launched its warehousing service in 2002. The company's large warehouses offer storage for all the produce to be distributed in the EU market.

In Kaunas the company has:

  • 3 500 m2 warehousing area that supports a temperature regime of -18oC;
  • 1 200 m2 warehousing area that supports a temperature regime between +2oC and +6oC;
  • 200 m2 warehousing area that supports a temperature regime of 0oC.

All the warehousing processes are fully-automatised and the service includes the following:

  • order acceptance: the client places the order indicating the date, time, amount in pallets, and the thermal regime required for the delivery;
  • products take in: inspecting the quality of the delivered products (temperature, Lithuanian labelling, the condition of the shipment), the amount delivered is compared against delivery documentation;
  • accounting and warehousing of products: the products received are recorded to NNL WMS, assigning each pallet a unique ID number, and the products are put to warehousing shelves.

NNL warehousing in numbers:


  • ~1 million pallets.


  • up to 120 000 kilograms of goods picked;
  • up to 30 trailers loaded and unloaded.

NNL is the guarantee of competitiveness


The company offers its clients:

  • convenience: The clients have the possibility of delivering the products to the warehouse themselves, also arranging for a direct contact with their suppliers or delivery can be performed by NNL transport. NNL can transport goods from the client's factory or its supplier in Lithuania or Europe to/from the address specified;
  • fast turnaround: major part of the products require special storage conditions, thus we take care to ensure that the loading/unloading is done as fast as possible. Every pallet delivered is assigned a unique ID number, which guarantees that the location of the pallet can be tracked down at any time by NNL and/or the SFV service;
  • accuracy: the quantity of goods delivered is always compared with the delivery documentation. Upon the client's request, all the information on the goods received can be made available via EDI.

NNL is the guarantee of service quality

The company ensures the quality of its warehousing services by:

  • internal control systems that rely on optimal IT solutions;
  • SFV service employee present at all working hours;
  • warehousing duration as required by the client but no longer than the time required to realise the products;
  • well-defined warehousing terms that are consistently followed:
    • various standards accepted for the height and other measurements of the pallet;
    • single type of products on one pallet;
    • single expiry date for all the products on one pallet.


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