Labelling service has been offered by NNL since the launch of the business. If requested by the client, both boxes and individual units of products can be labelled. From the time of the order placement through the labelling stage, we are closely involved with the client, arranging the text of the label and approving its layout. Every year, hundreds of pallet of products are labelled at NNL.

NNL is the guarantee of competitiveness

You can choose to label both large quantities of single-type products and goods delivered in very small quantities. Our re-labelling service allows imported goods to be labelled with new bar codes or other additional data.

NNL is the guarantee of quality

Our labelling quality is ensured by:

  • long-running experience of service provision;
  • professional layout designers;
  • close attention to each and every small piece of product labelled. 

Document printing

In 2002, the company started printing documents customised to meet the needs of every client. The service saves clients' time and money because they no longer have to worry about prior preparation, printing, and re-sending of the documents before the shipment leaves the warehouse. All that the clients have to do is to send in their order and from here NNL takes over the relay to complete any relevant documentation.

Clients do not have to worry about documentation as NNL takes care of it:

  • documents are prepared, printed, and sent immediately after the order is received and transported goods are selected;
  • upon receipt of signed documents for a designated route, they are registered in the special NNL system;
  • our team makes sure that no items are missing and the documents are put into envelopes and sent to the client;
  • all the information about dispatches is immediately exported into the client's accounting program.

Every day, NNL prints more than 1 000 sales invoices.

NNL is the guarantee of competitiveness

The company is committed to provide tailored services to meet the different needs of each client:

  • orders are printed in multiple file formats;
  • when ready, the documents can be returned in the e-format regarding the client's choice: uploaded to the server, sent via e-mail or EDI system;
  • the frequency and time of the delivery of signed documents to the client is agreed individually;
  • apart from the order, the client can choose which information should be included in the document: expiry date, the company's logo, data layout, font, font size, document prefix, serial number, etc.

NNL is the guarantee of quality

The quality of document printing service is ensured by:

  • innovative IT solutions;
  • professional office supplies;
  • competent and responsible employees.


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