Products picking service has been available from NNL since the launch of the business. The company offers the full range of picking services:

  • box picking (fixed or variable weight);
  • piece picking (fixed or variable weight);
  • pallet picking.

At the 0°C temperature warehouse (for fresh fish on ice) products are picked in secondary packaging (boxes), while in -18°C temperature warehouse and in +2°C to +6°C temperature warehouse picking can be made both by boxes or pieces. Variable weight products are picked at all the above mentioned temperature regime warehouses.

The picking process consists of the following stages:

  • accepting the actual quantity of products on the pallet that is received;
  • the quantity received is put to temporary warehousing area;
  • the products are distributed according to its place of designation, type of products, quantity of boxes. The weight of products is taken into account to ensure that heavy goods (e.g. fish) are handled on the pallet before light goods (e.g. pizzas);
  • products are transported from the picking to the inspection area;
  • after full pallet is picked, the bar code of each box of picked pallet is scanned to verify that the goods are picked picked as ordered;
  • invoices and delivery bill are printed out;
  • products are transported back from the inspection to the picking area;
  • fully-picked and inspected pallet is loaded to the vehicle bound to deliver the products to the store or any other designated place.

NNL picking in numbers:


  • ~9 million boxes.


  • up to 700 pallets, picked from individual packages, boxes or pieces.

NNL is the guarantee of competitiveness

NNL can offer its clients an excellent price because of:

  • streamlined picking processes that allow handling a large number of SKUs (types) without the need for large warehouses;
  • IT solutions that enable us optimising the picking operators' activities, reducing walking, and rationally distributing the picking places of products selection based on the actual daily orders.

NNL is the guarantee of quality

The company ensures the quality of its picking services by:

  • a highly qualified team of professionals;
  • internal procedures and a clearly-defined system;
  • 100% inspection of the products picked.


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